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Our Story

"When we moved into a 1912 Farmhouse in Salida, Colorado, I said 'That's it...Farmhouse Florals it will be. I mean, who doesn't want Farmhouse Florals?" 

After all, flowers are an expression of you!

Hi, I'm Nancy

Owner, Creator, Lead Designer, and flower grower… I grew up in Maine where my passion for gardening was first cultivated.  I always felt most at peace in nature, whether it was skiing, hiking, camping, or humming to periwinkles by the seashore, and gained a large respect for the elements that bring us life.  I wanted to learn more about where our food comes from and in 1997, just out of high school, got a job on an organic vegetable farm.  This planted the seeds that lead me on my life path.  Loving gardening and growing my own food. I continued doing so in all the places I have lived, as well as started cut-flower growing and arranging.

I have designed, installed, and maintained gardens in Crested Butte, Colorado, taught organic gardening as well as worked as a florist in both Maui and Kauai, Hawaii (where I lived for 10 years). Most recently, I moved back to Colorado for love and created Farmhouse Florals.

I believe your Weddings and Events are priceless moments and should be just as you imagined…

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